You might be tempted to eat Marshall but, trust us, he doesn't taste all that good.

Classic, New, Vintage, Original…

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Vintage Original Marshall

Special Release “Vintage Marshall” makes his debut at Wondercon this week. Stop by booth #1135 where you can buy the very first ever vinyl Marshall Toy.

Marshall…uh, are you feeling okay?

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I was going to hold this one back and not post it for a while, but then I came to my senses. This Marshall is just too awesome not to share with the world as soon as humanly possible.

Did he catch a stomach virus? Eat some bad shrimp? I don’t know if we’ll ever know for sure.

Just one of the 19 Marshalls in Marshall Series 1 … coming this spring!

Wondercon 2009

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Visit us in San Francisco for Wondercon 2009…Booth #1135…and if the gods at UPS and customs smile upon us we’ll have a Marshall Special Release too!

Wondercon 2009
Moscone Center South – San Francisco, CA
February 27 – March 1

Marshall’s Vacation…Continued

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Making Friends

Marshall’s continued his vacation and uploaded some more photos! He’s been to Shanghai, Beijing and the Great Wall and is making friends everwhere he goes!

Check out all the photos in the Marshall’s Vacation gallery!

Silence of the Marshalls

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Check out this really awesome, slightly gruesome custom-painted Marshall by Laura at 64 Colors! Would probably be good with a glass of chianti and some fava beans I suppose.

More images here!

Of course this brings up the question of whether or not there will be a blank DIY Marshall. The short answer is “we don’t know yet.” We haven’t ruled out releasing a DIY version, but we’re really concentrating on getting Marshall Series 1 finished right now. If you want a Marshall DIY be sure to comment and let us know! We listen!

Marshall on Vacation

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Marshall is out traveling the world! First stop, Tokyo!

Visiting the Tokyo Tower

Click here for more of Marshall’s vacation photos.

Be Friends With Marshall!

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Our dear Marshall Mashumaro has his very own Facebook page! How 21st century! If you’re on Facebook, you should definitely be friends with Marshall. Yippeee!

Meet Marshall

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Marshall Series 1 is  a new art toy project produced by a collaboration between Chicago-based product development specialists Squibbles Ink, designer toy store Rotofugi and Michigan-based artists 64 Colors

Marshall burst onto the scene in January 2008 when a relatively unknown design team from a small town in Michigan released a letter-pressed print of their new character, an infectiously happy little marshmallow boy who just happened to enjoy roasting marshmallows himself. The Marshall shown on the print was equal parts cute and sadistic, one of our favorite combinations. From the first time we saw Marshall we knew that 64 Colors’ partners, Laura and Eric, had hit on something fantastic.

Luckily for us it turns out that Laura and Eric were not only great designers, but also fans of designer toys…and as it turns out, fans of Rotofugi. So when they approached us about the idea of making Marshall toys, we jumped at the opportunity and suggested a blind box series. When they said yes we all immediately started working on Marshall Series 1. 

Fast forward a year and we’re getting real close to having the first collection of Marshall figures complete. Marshall Series 1 figures stand approximately 3.5 inches (about 9cm) tall and are made of rotocast vinyl. The series will feature 19 different Marshall designs (including the 3 secret chases!).

Production is underway now, and while we don’t have a firm release date yet, it’s not too far away. For now, though, why not have a peek in the Image Gallery for some early Marshall goodness!

Stay tuned for more information about Marshall Series 1 and other Marshall projects in the works!