You might be tempted to eat Marshall but, trust us, he doesn't taste all that good.

Things Are Getting Toasty Up in Here

Posted: March 25th, 2010 | Author: | 4 Comments »

We knew the very moment we saw the very first custom “Toasted” Marshall that Eric and Laura (64 Colors) made that we would eventually HAVE to release a production version. That day, my friends, is almost here. Hand toasted (really it’s just paint) right here in Chicago by Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi, each version is unique! Toasted Marshall will be available at Rotofugi and select retailers starting April 2….$15 each.

Please Note: while the initial release of Toasted Marshall will be somewhat limited, we are keeping this version as an open edition…so should you fail to get one (or more) when they release, just hold your horses…we’ll toast some more!

Here’s a couple more snapshots of Toasted Marshall getting ready for his big debut!

Click images for a closeup. :)