Marshall's full name is Marshall Mashumaro (that's Japanese for Marshmallow, silly).

Marshall Series One Release Date Soon

Posted: May 4th, 2009 | Author: | 3 Comments »

Update….Marshall Series 1 is now in North America! Unfortunately, we’re having a bit of a hard time determining exactly when the figures will make it from their current location (Vancouver) to Chicago, so we can’t set a hard release date just yet…but it will be soon! Thanks for your understanding!

Series 1 has 19 total designs (16 regular and 3 secret). Retail pricing is $10.95 per blind box. A display case, should you choose to go that route, is 24 pieces.

3 Comments on “Marshall Series One Release Date Soon”

  1. 1 rob said at 6:06 am on May 5th, 2009:

    congrats on your new baby boy. can’t wait til he arrives!

  2. 2 Leroy said at 6:12 am on May 6th, 2009:

    We are all ready and wait’n

  3. 3 Lance said at 9:27 am on May 13th, 2009:

    I ‘m excited