Marshall's full name is Marshall Mashumaro (that's Japanese for Marshmallow, silly).

Toasted Marshall Update

Posted: April 4th, 2010 | Author: | Comments Off

Thanks to everyone who bought a Toasted Marshall! We’re now temporarily sold out at Rotofugi.

As we explained previously, but I think it bears repeating, Toasted Marshall is an open edition. So even though we don’t have any available for purchase right now, there will be more available in the future after we “toast” some more Marshalls. :)

The next release for Toasted Marshall will be at our booth at C2e2, April 16th-18th at McCormick Place in Chicago, but if you aren’t in Chicago or just can’t wait, these are additional locations that may still have some Toasted Marshalls from the first batch:

  • Voltage (Vancouver)
  • My Plastic Heart (New York)
  • ToyQube (Flushing, NY)
  • Super 7 (San Francisco)
  • Double Punch (San Francisco)
  • Flybird (Oak Park, IL)
  • Robot Love (Minneapolis)

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