Marshall Mashumaro. Made of marshmallow.
Soft and squishy. His dog's name is Gumdrop.

Marshall Series One Release Date Soon

Posted: May 4th, 2009 | Author: | 3 Comments »

Update….Marshall Series 1 is now in North America! Unfortunately, we’re having a bit of a hard time determining exactly when the figures will make it from their current location (Vancouver) to Chicago, so we can’t set a hard release date just yet…but it will be soon! Thanks for your understanding!

Series 1 has 19 total designs (16 regular and 3 secret). Retail pricing is $10.95 per blind box. A display case, should you choose to go that route, is 24 pieces.

Boxed Up!

Posted: March 16th, 2009 | Author: | 5 Comments »


As production on Marshall Series 1 wraps up (we’re nearly finished, but release date is still up in the air due to shipping time) I thought now might be a good time to show off the packaging. Some of you have already had a good up close look at it since we used the same boxes for the Marshall Vintage Special Release, but if you haven’t picked that up yet click the thumbs to get a peak at the packaging!

Marshall is… Flickr Group

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Marshall’s got a new Flickr group! Join us there and post your photos of Marshall. The group is just getting started, but with your help we should have a great big awesome pool of Marshall photos before you know it.

The fantastic photo shown here is by none other than noted toy collector and photographer Doc18.

EDIT: Some more fantastic photos have been added to the group…keep ’em coming! Marshall sure is one photogenic little marshmellow! :)

Vintage Marshall Appears on Toy Break

Posted: March 11th, 2009 | Author: | Comments Off on Vintage Marshall Appears on Toy Break

We’ve long been fans of video podcast Toy Break … George, Ayleen and Matt are always fun to watch. Look for Vintage Marshall starting at 17:50….thanks for giving our Vintage Marshall a review guys!

“Vintage” Special Release Marshall Now Available

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The special release “Vintage” Marshall is now available to order at 

Cream-colored vinyl gives Marshall an old-fashioned look like he just stepped out of an old film…or maybe the tanning bed.

Limited edition of 500 pieces….the very first Marshall release! $12.95 each.

Order Here

Classic, New, Vintage, Original…

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Vintage Original Marshall

Special Release “Vintage Marshall” makes his debut at Wondercon this week. Stop by booth #1135 where you can buy the very first ever vinyl Marshall Toy.

Marshall…uh, are you feeling okay?

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I was going to hold this one back and not post it for a while, but then I came to my senses. This Marshall is just too awesome not to share with the world as soon as humanly possible.

Did he catch a stomach virus? Eat some bad shrimp? I don’t know if we’ll ever know for sure.

Just one of the 19 Marshalls in Marshall Series 1 … coming this spring!

Wondercon 2009

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Visit us in San Francisco for Wondercon 2009…Booth #1135…and if the gods at UPS and customs smile upon us we’ll have a Marshall Special Release too!

Wondercon 2009
Moscone Center South – San Francisco, CA
February 27 – March 1

Marshall’s Vacation…Continued

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Making Friends

Marshall’s continued his vacation and uploaded some more photos! He’s been to Shanghai, Beijing and the Great Wall and is making friends everwhere he goes!

Check out all the photos in the Marshall’s Vacation gallery!

Silence of the Marshalls

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Check out this really awesome, slightly gruesome custom-painted Marshall by Laura at 64 Colors! Would probably be good with a glass of chianti and some fava beans I suppose.

More images here!

Of course this brings up the question of whether or not there will be a blank DIY Marshall. The short answer is “we don’t know yet.” We haven’t ruled out releasing a DIY version, but we’re really concentrating on getting Marshall Series 1 finished right now. If you want a Marshall DIY be sure to comment and let us know! We listen!